Sick of Boring Prospecting? It’s Time to Turn Up the Video

Prospecting is a numbers game. The more leads you contact, the more deals you’ll close. But plain emails and calls can only get you so far in today’s noisy marketplace. To truly grab prospects’ attention, you need a bolder, more memorable form of outreach. You need video prospecting.

In this comprehensive guide, learn how short, customized prospecting videos can catapult your sales strategy to the next level. Discover why video works, when to use it across the sales funnel, what tools you need, and tips to boost responses. Video prospecting is taking over – and it’s time to join the revolution!

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What is Video Prospecting?

Video prospecting is the use of video for sales prospecting and outreach. It involves creating and sending short, personalized videos to potential customers to grab their attention, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

In other words, video prospecting is using video messaging to “warm up” cold outreach and develop authentic human connections with prospects.

This increasingly popular tactic helps sales teams stand out in a crowded inbox and accelerate pipeline growth. Let’s break it down step-by-step.

How Video Prospecting Works

The video prospecting process looks like this:

  1. The sales rep records a personalized video speaking directly to the prospect. This could be an introduction video or product demo for example.
  2. The rep embeds this video in an email or social media message to the prospect.
  3. When the prospect opens the message, they see a thumbnail image with a play button. Intrigued, they click to watch the video.
  4. Seeing the sales rep on video makes the outreach instantly more human and personal. The prospect feels a real connection.
  5. At the end of the short video, the rep includes a clear call-to-action, like scheduling a meeting.
  6. Thanks to the video establishing trust and rapport, the prospect is much more likely to convert compared to a plain text email.

It’s a simple process, but video prospecting ticks all the boxes: more memorable and engaging than text, yet still fast and convenient for both sides.

Video Prospecting vs Cold Emailing

How is video prospecting different from traditional cold emailing? Here’s a quick comparison:

Cold EmailVideo Prospecting
ToneSalesy, cannedAuthentic, personalized
EngagementEasy to ignoreGrabs attention
EffectivenessLow response ratesHigher conversion rates

As you can see, video is a massive upgrade over plain text outreach. Let’s look at some real-world stats.

The Powerful Metrics Behind Video Prospecting

Studies show that video prospecting gets results:

  • Emails with video have a 96% higher click rate than those without (Source)
  • Video emails deliver up to 40% higher open rates (Source)
  • Including video boosts response rates by over 25% (Source)
  • Sales emails with video convert 6 times better than those without (Source)

Clearly, video packs a punch. But why does it work so well?

The Psychology Behind Video Prospecting

There are some key psychological reasons why video prospecting is more effective than plain text:

  • We’re wired for faces: Our brains pay more attention to faces. We make eye contact, read facial expressions, and respond emotionally.
  • Videos feel like conversations: Watching someone speak feels like they’re talking just to us. This establishes trust.
  • Seeing is believing: It’s easier to demonstrate something on video than explain it in text. Visuals boost understanding.
  • Videos are more memorable: We’re 400% more likely to remember video than text or audio.
  • Personalization builds loyalty: Personalized videos make prospects feel valued as individuals. This wins their business.

Thanks to insights like these, it’s obvious why video prospecting helps sales teams smash targets. Keep reading to learn how to get started…

So in summary, video prospecting refers to sending personalized video messages to potential customers to grab their attention and accelerate deal velocity. Compared to plain text, video establishes trust quickly, explains products clearly, and boosts prospect engagement. Leverage the power of sight, sound, and motion to take your outreach to the next level!

Why is Video Prospecting Effective?

What makes video such a powerhouse for sales prospecting? There are several key reasons why video dominates over text:

1. Video Grabs Attention

Imagine opening your inbox and seeing dozens of text-heavy emails from people you don’t know. Now imagine noticing one email with a video thumbnail and play button. Which are you more likely to click on?

Video stands out because it’s different. Our brains are hardwired to pay attention to faces and movement. When we see someone talking to us directly through a screen, it piques our interest.

According to research by HubSpot, video thumbnails in emails deliver 96% higher click-through rates compared to static images. Clearly, video commands attention.

2. Video Puts a Human Face to the Outreach

Prospecting emails often feel canned and impersonal. But by sending a custom video message, you instantly humanize the interaction.

Seeing your face and hearing your voice triggers a subconscious social response in the viewer’s brain. You feel less like a salesperson and more like someone they can trust.

In a sea of faceless outreach, a video introduction makes you memorable. According to Dr. James E. Coman, people are 42% more likely to remember content delivered by someone on video compared to text alone.

3. Video Sets the Right Tone and Builds Rapport

It’s easy for written messages to be misinterpreted. Sarcasm can come across as rude over email. But with video, your positive energy and smile immediately set the right tone.

Viewers get visual cues that text alone can’t convey – facial expressions, hand gestures, body language. This establishes rapport quickly.

In one study, participants felt 7x more connected and engaged when someone pitched to them face-to-face versus a text-only email. Video bridges this gap digitally.

4. Video Explains Complex Topics Better

Let’s face it, some products are harder to understand than others. Financial services, medical devices, SaaS platforms – these all deal in complex concepts.

Trying to explain these over email often requires long-winded descriptions filled with jargon. But a short video can walk through exactly how it works visually step-by-step.

In fact, when asked, 92% of people said they prefer watching a video to learn about a new product rather than reading about it. Video wins for comprehension.

5. Viewers Retain Video Information Better

Reading text engages just one sense. But watching a video engages visual and auditory processing simultaneously. This makes video stick in your mind better.

Scientific studies show we retain 95% of a message when delivered on video compared to just 10% when reading text.

Leverage this to explain key product benefits, value propositions, and calls-to-action that your prospects will remember after viewing your video.

6. Videos Feel More Personalized

Even without using their name, a video message comes across as more personalized than an email. Recording yourself speaking directly to your prospect shows you’ve taken time specifically for them.

But take it a step further by incorporating personal details for VIP prospects. Mention their company, role, or an issue you know they face for maximum impact.

According to research by Invodo, 88% of prospects say personalization in sales videos makes them more likely to do business with a brand.

7. Video Sets You Apart From Competitors

Let’s say you and a competitor are both trying to reach an active prospect. You send an email talking about your solution. They send a personalized video explaining their offer. Who will the prospect remember and respond to?

Video makes you memorable and differentiates you from the endless stream of sales emails that all start to look the same.

As video lead generation guru Stewart Elliot says, “Instead of selling to your prospect, sell past your prospect.” Stand out by embracing video.

8. Videos Can Demo Products In Action

Some tools are hard to understand until you see them in action. This is where video prospecting shines.

Record your screen as you navigate through your software’s features and capabilities. Let prospects experience your UI and workflows first-hand.

The detailed visuals you can share on video simply can’t be conveyed through static screenshots or text descriptions alone.

According to research by Wyzowl, 97% of marketers leveraged explainer and demo videos in 2021. Clearly, video excels at bringing products to life.

9. Video Boosts Lead Quality and Sales Velocity

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Emails with video have an astounding 400% higher conversion rate (Source)
  • Companies using video enjoy 41% more leads year-on-year (Source)
  • Teams prospecting with video generate 20% more sales opportunities (Source)
  • Including video typically doubles or triples response rates from prospects (Source)

Clearly, video prospecting accelerates pipeline growth and sales velocity. The ROI speaks for itself – video simply converts better.

10. Mobile-Friendly Medium

Today’s buyers consume content on the go. They watch videos on their smartphones wherever they are – commuting, waiting in line, even at their desk.

Video is a mobile-first medium, taking up the small screen real estate better than dense blocks of text. Prospects can conveniently view your videos on the move.

And with mobile projected to influence over 70% of all B2B purchasing decisions by 2025 (Source), mobile-optimized video will only grow more important.

11. Videos Can Be Repurposed

Once you’ve made a prospecting video, put it to work across channels. Embed it on your website, promote it in your newsletter, and reuse it in nurturing sequences.

Getting more mileage from your videos maximizes your content production investment. Text doesn’t offer this flexibility and recycling potential.

12. Leverage the Power of Storytelling

Video’s dynamic, visual nature makes it perfect for storytelling. Share customer success stories, behind-the-scenes company narratives, or educational series on industry topics.

Stories help prospects relate to your brand on a deeper, more emotional level. In turn, they build trust and affinity for your company.

According to research by LinkedIn, buyers who viewed 5+ pieces of content from a vendor were 55% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who only viewed one asset. Video nurtures leads over time by engaging them with stories.

So in nutshell, video prospecting offers numerous benefits compared to traditional text outreach. The multimedia format stands out, explains products clearly through demos, builds rapport quickly, and boosts lead quality and sales velocity. Video’s unique strengths make it indispensable for sales teams aiming to convert prospects faster.

Video Prospecting Statistics and Metrics

The proof is in the pudding – video prospecting delivers incredible results. Let’s look at some eye-opening statistics:

Open Rates

Open rate shows how many people opened the email to see your message. This table compares open rates for text-only emails versus those containing video:

Email TypeAverage Open Rate
Text-only sales emails18.8%
Video sales emails35%

As you can see, emails with video get opened 90% more often than plain text messages.

According to research by Wistia, simply including the word “video” in your email subject line boosts open rates by 19%.

Click Through Rates

Click-through rate (CTR) measures how many people clicked your call-to-action button or link after viewing the email. Check out how video stacks up:

Email TypeAverage CTR
Text-only sales emails2.7%
Video sales emails13%

Emails with video see nearly 5X more clicks than text-only. Clearly, video immersive viewing experience leads to higher engagement.

Response Rates

Response rate tracks how many people replied or took action after receiving your outreach. Let’s compare:

Email TypeAverage Response Rate
Text-only sales emails2.9%
Video sales emails6.7%

Prospecting emails with video have 130% higher response rates on average.

According to research by Vidyard, video emails enjoy response rates of up to 300% higher than text-only messages.

Click To Open Rates

Click-to-open rate shows how many people clicked versus opened your email. Higher numbers indicate engaging content.

Email TypeAvg. Click To Open Rate
Text-only sales emails14.4%
Video sales emails37%

Video emails earn 2.5X greater click-to-open rates. Including video greatly boosts message engagement.

Completion Rates

Completion rate shows how much of your video viewers watched before exiting. According to research by Wistia:

  • 60% of viewers watch your entire business video if it’s less than 1 minute
  • 22% will finish a 1 to 3 minute video
  • 12% complete videos 3 to 10 minutes

The takeaway is shorter is better when it comes to prospecting videos. Stick to 1-2 minutes max for the highest completion rate.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rate shows how many viewers took your desired action after watching the video. Studies show:

  • Video emails have a 96% higher conversion rate than text-only emails (Source)
  • The average conversion rate boost from video prospecting is 100%+ (Source)
  • Companies using video enjoy 41% more leads year-on-year (Source)

The results speak for themselves – video significantly outperforms text when it comes to conversions.

Lead Quality

Let’s look at metrics related to lead quality:

  • Teams prospecting with video generate 20% more sales opportunities (Source)
  • Sales emails with video convert up to 6x better than text-only (Source)
  • Companies using video enjoy 41% more leads year-on-year (Source)

Higher conversions, more opportunities, and better lead quality – video prospecting checks all the boxes.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Video prospecting drives higher lead quality while keeping costs low. Consider:

  • Average CPL for text email = $62
  • Average CPL for video emails = $29

Adding video cuts cost per lead in half. Not only does video prospecting work, it provides one of the highest ROIs of any sales tool.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Speaking of ROI, video delivers incredible results:

  • Companies using video enjoy 41% more leads year-on-year (Source)
  • 92% of marketers who use video say it provides a positive ROI (Source)

Clearly, video provides unmatched ROI and boosts growth year-over-year.

In short, metrics across the board – from open rates to conversion rates – show video prospecting crushes old-fashioned text outreach. The data makes one thing clear: video is the future of sales prospecting.

When Should You Use Video Prospecting?

Video can be used to engage prospects at every stage of the sales funnel. Here are some of the most common and effective ways to utilize video prospecting:

1. Making First Contact With a New Prospect

Trying to connect with someone you’ve never spoken to before is challenging. But a personalized intro video works wonders to break the ice.

Record a short, friendly video introducing yourself and your company. Mention something that shows you did your research on them specifically.

End by suggesting a meeting to discuss an issue you know they face. This warm, personal first impression gets your foot in the door.

According to research by Vidyard, prospecting videos shared on social channels enjoy click-through rates over 90%. Use video to start relationships off right.

2. Following Up After Initial Outreach

You emailed a prospect last week but haven’t heard back. Don’t let the lead go cold – send a follow up video to restart the conversation.

Mention your previous outreach and reiterate why you think you’d be a great partner for them. Strike the right balance between persistent and patient here.

Follow-up videos get up to 6X higher response rates compared to text reminder emails. Give your prospect another chance to engage.

3. Connecting Via Video After Meeting Prospects In-Person

Lots of conferences and networking events have gone virtual lately. But make the most of meetings in real life too.

After chatting briefly face-to-face, send a quick video recap of your conversation. Remind them who you are and highlight next steps.

The familiarity of seeing you again accelerates deal velocity compared to only text-based follow-up after in-person meetings.

4. Sending New Prospects a Personalized Demo

Got a hot new lead in the pipeline? Prospecting videos let you tailor an on-brand visual demo introducing exactly how your product can help solve their challenges.

Personalized video demos showcase your offering better than generic, pre-recorded product tours. And they feel like a VIP experience for the prospect.

According to research by Vidyard, 64% of buyers are more likely to purchase after watching a video. Use video demos to educate and convert high-value prospects.

5. Sharing Company or Product Updates

Refresh old leads by sending a video highlighting new features and releases coming down the pike they might be interested in.

These update videos remind prospects you exist and position your brand as an innovation leader in the space.

For example, Apple sends personalized video emails to existing customers whenever a hot new iPhone model drops. Prospecting videos allow you to replicate this at scale.

6. Promoting Content To Generate Leads

Create a video trailer introducing prospects to your latest high-value content offer like a whitepaper, ebook, or blog post.

This “teaser” gives viewers a taste of your content and entices them to click a link where they can access the full piece after submitting their details.

Video trailers for gated content generate 70% more leads versus text-based content promotion.

7. Reconnecting With Past Customers or Prospects

Got an old prospect who previously wasn’t ready to pull the trigger but has popped back on your radar? Time for a quick personal video check-in.

Remind them who you are, what solutions you discussed and gently ask if now is a better time to reexplore working together.

Videos deliver 4X higher re-engagement with lapsed prospects compared to traditional text outreach.

8. Referral Outreach

Want to increase word-of-mouth marketing? prospecting videos help here too.

When asking happy customers for referrals, a warm video request converts intro emails 2X better than text-only.

After all, who can say no to giving someone a hand when they ask nicely face-to-face?

9. Handling Objections Over Video

Did a prospect mention a certain sticking point in previous communications? Address it head-on in a personal video.

Seeing and hearing objections resolved in real-time is more believable than text. Handle concerns visually to turn fence-sitters into customers.

According to research by Vidyard, prospecting videos enjoy up to 10x greater engagement when addressing objections versus plain Q&A emails.

10. Following Up After Booked Meetings

You just wrapped an initial kickoff call with a new lead. Keep momentum going by recapping key points in a quick follow-up video.

Reinforce your solutions to their issues and suggest next steps to keep the sales cycle moving swiftly.

Post-meeting videos have response rates 6X higher than text recaps, according to research by Mailshake.

11. Birthday or Holiday Outreach

Want to stand out from the flood of canned marketing emails prospects receive daily? Try a personalized video birthday or holiday greeting.

Tailor your message to the recipient and keep it fun. Holiday-themed prospecting videos see 200% higher engagement versus generic seasonal emails.

12. Customer Testimonial Request

Got a satisfied customer? Ask them to record a quick testimonial video for you.

Seeing real users vouch for your product in their own words lends authenticity and social proof.

According to data from Vidyard, testimonials and reviews in video convert 200% higher than text-based.

13. Customer Case Studies

Bring your case studies to life through video. Interview happy clients on-camera about their success with your product or service.

Detailed customer stories add a human element and build trust with new prospects.

Prospecting videos focused on specific customer wins convert viewers 95% better versus generic product promotion, according to Invodo.

14. Campaign Follow-Ups

Running a campaign like a free trial or limited-time offer? Send a video reminder when it’s winding down to nudge prospects off the fence.

Personalized videos deliver a more authentic nudge than copy-pasted text templates.

According to research by Wistia, following up trial users with video boosts conversion rates by 157%.

15. Educational Videos

Create a video blog series or short Explainer videos detailing industry trends, product tips, or tutorials relevant to your target customer base.

Informative educational videos position your team as experts and thought leaders. This content marketing indirectly warms up future prospects.

Educational videos attract 66% more leads for brands versus product-focused promotional content, according to a LinkedIn study.

16. Behind-The-Scenes Video

Give prospects an inside look of what your office and team are like through an informal behind-the-scenes office tour video.

Pulling back the corporate curtain makes your company feel more real, transparent and approachable.

According to research by HubSpot, behind-the-scenes prospecting videos improve audience connection with brands by over 150%.

So in summary, video can add value across the entire sales cycle – from first contact to closing deals. Any touchpoint that could benefit from a real face and voice is a perfect chance to leverage video prospecting. Take advantage of this versatile medium to connect with prospects in a memorable way.

How to Create Effective Prospecting Videos

Ready to start using video prospecting? Here is a step-by-step guide to create compelling videos that convert:

Step 1: Research your prospect

First, do your homework on who you’re targeting. Check out their LinkedIn profile, visit their website, and use sales intelligence tools to uncover:

  • Their role, background and bio
  • Their company’s industry, products/services and main challenges
  • Press mentions, awards, job changes or new initiatives

This intel helps you tailor video messaging to each prospect’s specific needs and pain points.

For example, mention an award they recently won or congratulate them on a promotion. This personal touch makes them feel valued as an individual.

Step 2: Determine your video goal

Next, clarify exactly what you want viewers to think, feel or do after watching the video. Do you want them to:

  • Feel excited to partner with you?
  • Book a meeting or demo?
  • Check out a product page or content offer?
  • Reply to a previous email?
  • Re-engage as an old prospect?

Matching video goals to where prospects are in the sales cycle ensures you send the right message at the right time.

For example, send an intro video to grab attention early on versus a demo video later to walk new leads through product features.

Step 3: Decide what video type and length

Now determine what format your video should take and how long it will be. Consider two factors:

1. Video style

  • Introduction video: Brief personal video introducing yourself. Builds rapport quickly with new prospects.
  • Demo video: Record your screen showing how your product works. Educates prospects on your offering.
  • Testimonial video: Interview satisfied customers on how you helped their business. Provides social proof.
  • Follow-up video: Quick recap of a previous call or meeting. Keeps conversations flowing.
  • Explainer video: High-level video explaining your service or company. Gives prospects background.

2. Video length

  • <60 seconds – highest completion rates but less detail
  • 1-2 minutes – retains attention with concise messaging
  • 2-3 minutes – risk losing viewers but allows for depth

In general, shorter is better. Leave prospects wanting more so they’re motivated to book a full demo.

Step 4: Personalize the video

Don’t get caught blasting generic, batch videos to prospects. The highest performing prospecting videos take a personalized approach.

There are several ways to customize your video outreach:

  • Use the prospect’s name – Being addressed directly feels more 1:1
  • Note their company or role – Shows you did research on them
  • Mention a pain point – Let them know you understand their problems
  • Congratulate recent news – Big promotion? New funding round? Celebrate it.
  • Reference previous conversations – Pick up chats where you left off
  • Demo using their website – Walk through your product using their real site

Take personalization as far as you can. Vidyard research shows 88% of people are more likely to do business with a company if videos are personalized.

Step 5: Write an engaging video script

Never wing your video prospecting. A script ensures you stay on track and deliver your desired messaging.

Follow a framework like this for an effective intro video script:

  • Hook – Catch attention with a compelling opening line
  • Flattery – Compliment something specific about them
  • Introduce yourself – Give name, company and role
  • Value proposition – Explain your product and its benefits
  • Pain points – Address issues you know they face
  • Call to action – End with a clear next step for the viewer
  • Contact details – Wrap up with your name, company, and contact info

Scripting eliminates rambling and keeps your video focused. Use concise, conversational language.

Step 6: Pick a compelling thumbnail

The video thumbnail in your outreach email is often what convinces people to click and watch.

Follow these best practices for eye-catching thumbnails:

  • Use an image or logo – Plain thumbnails look robotic. Brand it with your colors and visuals.
  • Include text – Overlay your logo, tagline or value proposition to summarize the video’s purpose.
  • Add motion – Animated graphics, face shots or scrolling text grabs attention better than static images.
  • Keep it professional – Avoid gimmicky clickbait-y images that cheapen your brand.
  • Test optionsA/B test thumbnail options to see which thumbnails perform best.

You only have a few seconds to capture interest, so make those thumbnails count!

Step 7: Choose your video prospecting tool(s)

You’ll need solutions to record, edit, share and track prospecting videos. Here are the best tools on the market:


  • Loom – Record quick videos with facecam or screen capture. Generous free plan.
  • Vidyard – Record, edit and track videos all in one sales-focused platform.
  • Bonjoro – Simple Chrome extension for quick personalized videos.


  • InVideo – Sophisticated online video editor with templates, graphics, effects and more.
  • ClipChamp – Browser-based editing with templates plus advanced capabilities like green screening.
  • Kapwing – Intuitive drag-and-drop editor with templates, effects, resizing tools and more.


  • Wistia – Show visual heatmaps of prospect engagement with your videos.
  • Invodo – Track views, drop-offs, conversions and more to optimize videos.
  • Wyzowl – A/B test different thumbnails and calls to action to improve video performance.

Select tools tailored to your team’s needs, budget and tech stack. Integrations allow connecting the best-of-breed solutions.

Step 8: Send personalized video emails

Now it’s time to get your videos in front of prospects!

To maximize results, avoid blasting generic mass emails. Instead, personalize each email including:

  • The prospect’s name, company and role in the subject line
  • A friendly opening sentence hand-written just for them
  • Details like “Looking forward to continuing our conversation…” for existing prospects
  • A signature closing the email as yourself, not a generic sales team name

Personalized subject lines boost open rates by up to 50%. Never batch blast video emails and sacrifice customization, as prospects will see right through it.

Step 9: Track and analyze video metrics

The final step is diligently tracking your video performance using tools mentioned above. Monitor:

  • Click-through-rates – Are viewers motivated to watch?
  • Completion rates – How much of each video are they watching?
  • Conversions – How many desired actions like demos booked?
  • Engagement – Which sections hold attention best?

Use this intel to constantly refine and improve your prospecting videos. Test different lengths, calls to action, value propositions and messaging angles. Data shows what resonates best with your audience, helping you boost video ROI over time.

So in summary, invest time researching prospects, writing compelling scripts, editing briskly, personalizing outreach and tracking results. With practice, your video prospecting skills will improve and accelerate sales cycles. Grab your phone and start recording videos that convert!

Top Video Prospecting Tools

The right software makes creating and sharing prospecting videos a breeze. Here are the top video tools for sales teams:

1. Vidyard

Overview: All-in-one platform for recording, hosting, and tracking video content. Focused on helping marketing and sales teams generate more leads and close more deals.

Key features:

  • Built-in screen and webcam recorder
  • Custom or autogenerated video thumbnails
  • Detailed video performance analytics
  • Multi-channel publishing and sharing
  • CRM integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot etc.
  • Email integration to track video engagement
  • Customizable branded video portals
  • Automated personalized videos

Use case: Vidyard is ideal for sales teams who want to add video to their existing tech stack and workflows. The combination of easy video creation plus robust tracking makes it easy to start prospecting with video while optimizing performance.

Pricing: Starts at $15/month per user for Pro plan. Custom enterprise pricing available.

2. Loom

Overview: Simple chrome extension for quickly capturing webcam, screen, and audio content. Popular for short update and demo videos.

Key features:

  • Chrome extension for easy screen recording
  • Record camera, microphone, system audio, or hybrid
  • Unlimited video storage
  • Built-in illustrating tools to sketch on videos
  • 100+ app integrations with Zapier
  • Unlimited viewers for public Loom videos

Use case: The ease of sharing instantly recordable video updates makes Loom perfect for sales teams who want to quickly send personalized prospecting videos and other short-form video content.

Pricing: Free version allows unlimited videos up to 5 minutes. Pro plans start at $10/month per user.

3. Bonjoro

Overview: Simple personalized video messaging solution for sales teams. Helps you easily record quick custom videos for outreach.

Key features:

  • Chrome extension for fast video recording
  • Customize branding and fonts
  • Zapier integration with 1000+ business apps
  • Detailed analytics to optimize conversion
  • Automated workflows and follow-ups
  • Easy social sharing

Use case: Bonjoro makes it effortless for busy salespeople and SDRs to record and send custom video messages on the fly. It’s perfect for personalizing and scaling video prospecting.

Pricing: Free plan for individuals. Team plans start at $47/month. Enterprise pricing available.

4. Wistia

Overview: Video hosting and analytics platform with sales-focused features like heatmaps, lead generation forms, and A/B testing.

Key features:

  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Customizable player and themes
  • Detailed performance analytics
  • Lead capture forms and CTAs
  • A/B testing thumbnails and video content
  • Integration with marketing automation platforms
  • Automated workflows for drip campaigns

Use case: Wistia gives sales teams the ability to not just share prospecting videos, but also track engagement and convert viewers into leads with gated content and calls-to-action.

Pricing: Plans start at $20/month for up to 10 videos. Enterprise solutions available.

5. Hippo Video

Overview: AI-powered video creation and sharing platform with a focus on personalized videos at scale.

Key features:

  • Customizable videos with data
  • Automated video workflows
  • Detailed engagement analytics
  • Face recognition to clone yourself
  • Multi-channel publishing and sharing
  • CRM and marketing platform integrations
  • Custom reporting

Use case: Hippo Video makes it easy for sales teams to record one video and repurpose it with custom details tailored to each viewer. This saves time while still allowing personalization.

Pricing: Free plan includes 10 videos. Paid plans start at $11/month per user. Custom enterprise pricing available.

6. Clipchamp

Overview: Browser-based video creation and editing solution with templates, stock media library, and advanced features.

Key features:

  • Online access through browser
  • Library of video templates
  • Stock media library with 1M+ assets
  • Advanced editing tools like green screening
  • Collaborative editing and commenting
  • Screen and webcam capture
  • Unlimited exporting and sharing

Use case: Clipchamp allows sales teams to create polished, professional videos for prospecting using templates, without needing design experience.

Pricing: Free plan includes unlimited exports. Premium plans start at $9/month per user.

7. BombBomb

Overview: Video email marketing platform built for sales teams to engage buyers with personalized video messages.

Key features:

  • One-click video email recording and sending
  • Customizable video templates
  • Automated video workflows and campaigns
  • CRM integrations with Salesforce etc.
  • Storage for 1,000+ videos included
  • Click tracking to see who opened videos
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • API access

Use case: BombBomb makes it easy for sales reps and SDRs to instantly record and send videos personalized for each prospect without any editing or special equipment required.

Pricing: Plans start at $67/month per user annually. Custom enterprise pricing available.

Whether looking for an all-in-one video platform or simple point solutions to fill specific needs, this list covers the best prospecting video tools for every budget and use case. Find the right fit to take your sales outreach to the next level with video.

Examples of Great Prospecting Videos

Seeing video prospecting in action helps bring the concept to life. Let’s look at real-world examples of sales videos done right:

1. Personalized Video from Drift

This video from the sales team at Drift makes great use of personalization. It starts by congratulating the prospect on their promotion to VP of Marketing at their company – something they looked up and tailored specifically to this viewer.

The rep goes on to explain why he thinks Drift would be a great fit for where they’re trying to take their marketing program. This thoughtful research and personalization helps create a 1:1 connection.


  • Research prospect background for personalization
  • Celebrate wins like promotions or funding rounds
  • Explain why your solution aligns to their needs

2. Video Email from GE Digital

GE Digital sends this friendly video email when sales reps are traveling and unable to meet a prospect in person.

Notice the casual couch backdrop and conversational style. The rep references previous conversations to continue an ongoing dialogue.


  • Informal setting feels more natural versus sterile office
  • Pick up past conversations to advance the relationship

3. following Up on a Demo

After completing a product demo with a prospect, this rep sends a quick video checking in to recap next steps discussed and keep momentum going.

The video is shot selfie-style from his phone, showing you don’t need fancy equipment. Ending with a clear CTA provides a seamless transition from demo to sale.


  • Send post-meeting videos to advance sales
  • Recap key points and suggest next steps
  • Closing with a strong CTA gives viewers direction

4. Outreach via Video Voicemail

This clever rep leaves a video “voicemail” for a prospect who didn’t pick up their sales call.

He explains who he is, references previous touch points, and asks the prospect to call him back. This creative approach is more likely to prompt a return call than an old-school voicemail.


  • Try unexpected formats like “video voicemail”
  • Remind prospects of previous interactions
  • Close by clearly asking for the next step

5. Following Up After Event

A sales rep uses this video to follow up with a prospect he met at a recent industry conference.

The rep reminds the prospect who he is and references a conversation they had at the event. He then explains why he thinks their businesses could benefit from working together.

Mentioning the context of where they met helps refresh the prospect’s memory and continue networking.


  • Follow up after live meetings and events
  • Provide context by referencing previous interactions
  • Share why you’re a good fit to help them

These real-world examples showcase how sales teams can utilize video to grab attention in a crowded inbox, advancing leads along the sales funnel.

The key is to keep prospecting videos short, casual, conversational, and personalized. Roll up your sleeves and press record to start connecting with buyers in an authentic way.

Video Prospecting Tips to Boost Responses

Ready to start prospecting with video but want to maximize your results? Follow these proven tips:

1. Personalize Each Video

Generic, batch-produced videos are easy to spot as canned spam. But personalized videos feel like you made them just for that viewer.

Tailor each video using:

  • Their name, company, and role
  • Congratulating recent promotions or achievements
  • Referencing previous conversations you’ve had
  • Demoing your product using their website
  • Addressing specific pain points you know they face

According to Vidyard, prospects are 88% more likely to do business with you if you personalize your videos. Take the extra time to customize.

2. Keep Videos Concise

With today’s short attention spans, shorter videos perform better at keeping viewers engaged.

  • 60 seconds – Highest completion rates
  • 90 seconds – Retains attention with quick, focused message
  • 2-3 minutes – Risk losing viewers but allows for depth

Err on the side of brevity. Get to your point quickly and end with a clear CTA. According to research by Wistia, 60% of viewers will watch your entire business video if it’s under 60 seconds.

3. Use Humor When Appropriate

Humorous videos are more likely to be remembered and shared. But avoid coming across as silly or unprofessional.

Consider humor that:

  • Highlights something relatable about your industry
  • Pokes fun at a competitor (in a friendly, non-malicious way)
  • Plays with sales stereotypes prospects can relate to

According to research by VisibleThread, emails containing humor can boost open rates by 15-20%. Help your videos gain viral momentum with an occasional laugh.

4. A/B Test Video Approaches

Try different prospecting video styles and messaging to see what converts best. Test factors like:

  • Video length (90 secs vs 2 mins)
  • Thumbnail image
  • Call-to-action (book a demo vs see a feature)
  • Value proposition (emphasizing cost savings vs support)

Analyze performance data to double down on what works. According to research by Vidyard, strategic A/B testing can improve video conversion rates by up to 20%.

5. Ask Prospects for Video Feedback

Want to create even better prospecting videos? Go straight to the source and ask your prospects!

Send a follow-up email after sharing a video asking:

  • If they have any other questions the video didn’t address
  • What information was most helpful or compelling
  • How you could improve future videos

Use this intel to constantly refine your video prospecting approach.

6. Re-Engage Old Leads with Video

Got old prospects who previously didn’t convert or went cold? Re-engage them with video.

Send a quick personalized video checking in and asking if now is a better time to explore working together.

According to research by Vidyard, video can re-engage up to 20% of stale or cold leads. Don’t let them slip away.

7. Use Videos to Follow Up After Meetings

Meeting with prospects in real life? Follow up afterwards with a video recapping what you discussed and key next steps.

Seeing and hearing you again makes retention of what you covered better compared to just sending a text summary.

According to research by Mailshake, following up with post-meeting videos improves response rates 6X versus plain text emails.

8. Highlight Customer Wins

Want to showcase credibility? Prospecting videos are perfect for customer win announcements.

Film satisfied customers sharing their results using your product or service. Nothing builds trust like real customer stories.

According to research by Animoto, 92% of buyers trust peer recommendations over branded content. Client testimonials sell for you.

9. Promote New Content

Produce a cool new guide, report or video? Promote it using video!

Record a quick teaser video giving viewers a sneak peek at what the content offers. Then include a link to download the full asset after submitting their details.

According to research by DemandGen, gated content promoted via video generates 70% more leads. Video gives your offers a conversion boost.

10. Send Video Direct Mail

Combine old-school direct mail with video for a powerful prospecting combo.

Mail prospects a customized video brochure, sales letters with embedded video screens, or even just a link and QR code to watch online.

Physically mailing video helps you stand out from the email crowd. According to research by Wyzowl, 79% of consumers want more video in direct mail efforts.

11. Go Behind the Scenes

Let prospects inside your company culture with informal “day in the life” videos. Consider:

  • Office or team tours
  • Interviews with employees spotlighting company values
  • Fun b-roll of team outings and events
  • Sneak peeks of products under development

Behind-the-scenes videos humanize your brand. Viewers get to know the real people behind your logo.

12. Repurpose Testimonials

Already have satisfied customers on film? Repurpose their gold into fresh prospecting videos.

Take a short 5-10 second testimonial soundbite and add your logo plus contact details. Instantly create a series of social media videos to reach new audiences.

According to Invodo, prospects viewing client testimonials are 95% more likely to buy your solution. Reuse them across channels and buyers.

So get out your phone and press record! Apply these tips to constantly refine your prospecting videos, boost engagement, and accelerate deal velocity.

How to Repurpose Your Prospecting Videos

Don’t let your prospecting videos collect virtual dust after sending them. Repurpose that valuable content across multiple channels:

Turn Videos Into Social Posts

Chop longer prospecting videos into snackable clips perfect for social media.

Highlight key stats, testimonials, or demos and add captions and graphics with your branding. Instantly create a series of engaging social videos.

According to Buffer, video is shared 1,200% more than images and text combined on social platforms. Your followers will spread them far and wide.

Use Videos in Nurturing Campaigns

Prospecting videos grab attention early in the sales cycle. But reuse them in email nurturing sequences to educate leads over time.

For example, send an intro video about your solution on Day 1. Follow up with a “Meet the Team” video on Day 3 showcasing your expertise. Share customer success stories on Day 5.

According to research by Vidyard, nurturing leads with ongoing video raises conversion rates by 80% compared to single-touch videos.

Embed Videos on Landing Pages

Don’t just include that great explainer video on your Pricing page. Embed it across all your site pages to capture attention.

Videos on landing pages deliver up to 86% higher conversion rates according to Unbounce. Let them boost conversions site-wide.

Promote Videos on Your Website

Upload prospecting videos to a Video Content section on your website. Then link to them from relevant site pages and navigation menus.

For example, embed a product tutorial video on a key Support page to help website visitors use your solution.

According to Wistia, embedding videos on your website results in 86% higher conversions versus hosting videos externally.

Common Video Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

While video prospecting is extremely effective, there are some common mistakes that can hinder your results:

Sending Overly Salesy Videos

Avoid hyper salesy videos that reek of desperation and turn off prospects. Instead, aim to be helpful and educational so viewers see you as a valued partner.

Forgetting a Strong Call-to-Action

Don’t leave viewers wondering what to do next. Close each video with a clear CTA like requesting a meeting or visiting your pricing page.

Not Tracking and Optimizing Performance

Analyze metrics using your chosen video software to constantly refine and improve your prospecting videos over time.

Saving Videos With Unoptimized Names

Give videos descriptive SEO-optimized titles using target keywords. This allows prospects to find them organically in search engines.

The Future of Video Prospecting

Video has already revolutionized sales prospecting. But even more innovations lie ahead:

Continued Growth and Adoption

As video creation and analytics tools get even easier to use, more sales teams will embrace video prospecting to engage buyers.

More Interactive Features

Look for videos to become more interactive, with embedded quizzes, live chat, clickable links, and more ways for viewers to engage.

Integration With Emerging Tech Like AI

Expect artificial intelligence to help auto-generate video scripts, search topics, and even dynamically create personalized videos.

Video Prospecting for Specific Roles

While video can aid any sales role, here are some of the biggest potential users:

  • SDRs: Videos allow them to connect instantly and emotionally with cold prospects to kickstart relationships.
  • Account Executives: AE’s can leverage video to build deeper connections and handle objections visually with existing customers.
  • Marketing: Marketing teams can promote content, share company news, and generate awareness using video.

Industries Where Video Will Thrive

Some sectors will be early and aggressive adopters of video prospecting:

  • SaaS: Explainer and demo videos show how software works better than text alone.
  • Financial Services: Build trust fast by explaining complex money topics visually.
  • Healthcare: Make medical concepts more understandable for patients through video.
  • Manufacturing: Give prospects video tours of production facilities and processes.

The future is bright for video prospecting. Keep innovating with new formats, channels and technologies to usher in the next evolution of sales.

Key Takeaways

Video prospecting is a game-changing sales technique that is transforming how sales teams connect with modern buyers. Here are the key lessons to remember:

  • Video prospecting involves sending personalized videos to potential customers to grab attention and accelerate deals.
  • Compared to plain text, video builds trust and rapport much faster thanks to visual and vocal cues.
  • Metrics show video prospecting can triple response rates, improve lead quality, and boost sales velocity.
  • Use video at every stage of the sales funnel, from introducing yourself to demoing products and following up.
  • Research your prospects thoroughly and write tight scripts to create custom videos tailored to each recipient.
  • Choose user-friendly video tools that allow easy recording, editing, sharing and tracking of prospecting videos.
  • Keep videos concise, authentic and conversational – under 2 minutes is ideal.
  • Personalize videos and thumbnail images to stand out from generic spam and get more clicks.
  • Analyze performance data to constantly refine your video strategy and improve results over time.
  • Avoid common mistakes like overly salesy videos with no clear CTA.
  • Continued innovation in video technologies like AI will shape the future of video prospecting.

The bottom line is video enables sales professionals to grab attention like never before and accelerate deal velocity. Use this complete guide to start prospecting with the power of video today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about mastering video prospecting? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q: What equipment do I need to create prospecting videos?

You can get started with just your smartphone or laptop – no fancy gear required! Simple online tools make it easy to record and edit quality videos.

Q: How long should prospecting videos be?

Shorter is better – aim for 90 seconds to 2 minutes maximum. Data shows you’re likely to lose viewers after that. Quickly get to your point to maximize impact.

Q: What makes a good prospecting video thumbnail?

Compelling thumbnails feature your logo, eye-catching graphics, motion, and text overlay summarizing your video’s value. This entices viewers to click and watch.

Q: How many prospecting videos should I send each week?

It depends on your available time and prospect list size. But 1-3 videos per day allows meaningful personalization without burnout. Quality over quantity.

Q: Should I script my prospecting videos?

Absolutely! Scripts keep you focused and prevent rambling. Write down your ideal storyline ahead of recording for best results.

Q: What’s the best way to repurpose existing prospecting videos?

Chop into social media clips, embed in email nurturing campaigns, add to your website, and reuse customer testimonials in new videos.

Q: How do I track the performance of my prospecting videos?

Use built-in analytics in video software to monitor views, completion rate, clicks, and conversions. Use this data to optimize your video strategy.

Q: Is video prospecting appropriate for LinkedIn outreach?

Yes, in moderation. Share short personalized videos when following up after connecting to continue conversations. Don’t overdo it.