Demystifying Prime Solutions: A Guide to the Leading Digital Transformation Consultancy

What exactly does Prime Solutions do? How did this tech consulting firm become a leader in guiding enterprise digital journeys? This comprehensive guide demystifies Prime Solutions’ history, services, clients, talent and more.

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What is Prime Solutions?

Prime Solutions is an IT consulting and services company that has been helping organizations across the globe successfully navigate their digital transformation journeys since 1997. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Prime Solutions offers a wide array of technology solutions and services to enable enterprises to leverage the full potential of digital to accelerate growth.

But what exactly does this tech-heavy jargon actually mean? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Prime Solutions is essentially a group of highly experienced technology advisors and experts that work closely with organizations to help them adopt and fully utilize new digital systems and processes. Whether it’s moving critical business systems to the cloud, building a data analytics platform, developing custom mobile apps, or managing complex IT infrastructure, Prime Solutions has the skills and knowledge to guide companies through large-scale technology projects.

In today’s highly competitive global business landscape, leveraging digital technology effectively has become absolutely vital for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. From small startups to large Fortune 500 companies, digital transformation is a top strategic priority across industries.

But for many companies, this transformation journey can seem daunting. Most organizations simply don’t have the in-house expertise required to quickly adopt new technologies like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, advanced data analytics and more. Plus, large IT projects are inherently complex, risky and disruptive for any business.

This is where consulting partners like Prime Solutions come in. They have the people, methodologies and experience required to help enterprises navigate these choppy digital waters smoothly and effectively.

How Does Prime Solutions Actually Help Organizations?

At a high level, Prime Solutions supports businesses in three main ways:

Advisory Services: Prime Solutions’ consultants work closely with clients to analyze their business and technology environment. They help identify areas for improvement and growth opportunities through digital transformation. This includes things like cloud readiness assessments, ROI analysis, benchmarking, and roadmap development.

Implementation Services: Once opportunities are identified, Prime Solutions helps execute the actual transformation through services like systems integration, custom application development, ERP implementations, data analytics builds, infrastructure migrations and more.

Managed Services: Prime Solutions can also manage and monitor a client’s technology environment on an ongoing basis through services like application management, help desk support, infrastructure hosting and IT operations.

Across these three areas, Prime Solutions provides end-to-end capabilities required to successfully adopt modern digital technologies, from strategy to execution and ongoing operations.

Why Do Companies Work with Prime Solutions?

There are a few key reasons why organizations choose to partner with Prime Solutions over trying to build such capabilities in-house:

  • Proven Expertise: Prime Solutions consultants have decades of real-world technology experience across various industries. They stay on top of the latest innovations and bring best practices to every engagement. This is expertise accumulated over 25+ years and thousands of successful projects.
  • Risk Reduction: Digital projects carry immense risk of failure from both technological and business change management perspectives. Partnering with experts like Prime Solutions greatly reduces these risks allowing you to innovate fearlessly.
  • Cost Savings: Maintaining high-caliber technology talent in-house can be prohibitively expensive. Partners like Prime Solutions provide on-demand access to niche experts, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Speed & Agility: Digital moves fast while large enterprises tend to move slowly. Prime Solutions helps clients accelerate their pace of tech adoption and respond quickly to changing market dynamics.

In essence, Prime Solutions has the specialised skills, experience and resources to guide organizations through the chaos of digital disruption and help them come out stronger on the other side. They act as trusted advisors allowing clients to confidently take that leap into the digital-first future we now live in.

So next time you hear tech jargons like “digital transformation”, “cloud migration”, “IoT platform”, “AI-driven analytics” and more, just think of Prime Solutions as the experienced sherpa that can lead enterprises to the peaks of next-gen technology successfully.

When Was Prime Solutions Founded?

Prime Solutions has an origin story that epitomizes the classic American entrepreneurial dream. It all started in 1997 when the company’s founder, Mike Segal, saw a major gap in the enterprise technology consulting market.

Large organizations were eager to adopt innovative new solutions like ERP, CRM and eCommerce to transform their businesses. However, they were struggling to find consulting partners who could provide end-to-end implementation services for these complex projects.

Sensing a major opportunity, Mike decided to launch Prime Solutions as a new breed of consulting firm that could deliver full lifecycle services around enterprise application implementation and integration.

Headquartered in Northern Virginia’s bustling technology hub, Prime Solutions was bootstrapped as a boutique firm focused on providing exceptional value to clients through specialized expertise, flexibility and relentless customer service.

Unlike large legacy consultancies, Prime Solutions was laser-focused on recruiting only senior-level consultants with deep hands-on experience delivering mission-critical projects. Every new practice built was led by recognized thought leaders in their domains.

This talent-first approach allowed Prime Solutions to punch above its weight class and gain quick traction with discerning enterprise buyers looking for niche skills.

Steady Organic Growth Through the Early Years

From its humble beginnings as a founder-funded startup, Prime Solutions saw steady organic growth in the initial years, expanding both its clientele and service capabilities.

Some key milestones:

  • 1998 – Within just a year of founding, Prime Solutions delivered its first SAP implementation project for a large Virginia-based energy company. This put the young firm on the map as a credible ERP consultant.
  • 2001 – Riding the dot-com wave, Prime Solutions formed a dedicated eBusiness consulting practice to support the eCommerce initiatives of brick-and-mortar firms. The practice grew quickly, delivering ROI-driven sites for clients.
  • 2003 – Leveraging early Internet adoption, Prime Solution launched a managed hosting practice to provide specialized hosting services and infra management for enterprises.
  • 2005 – Expanding beyond application implementation, Prime Solutions introduced its first managed services offering, providing ongoing application support and enhancement services.
  • 2007 – Capitalizing on the CRM boom, Prime Solution built a strong Oracle and Siebel CRM consulting practice, becoming a recognized regional leader in this space.

During this first decade, Prime Solutions successfully nurtured long-term client relationships that exist to this day. The firm also invested heavily in building specialized practices in emerging technology areas early. These moves established Prime Solutions’ reputation as a forward-looking consultancy.

Nationwide Expansion Through the 2010s

Entering its second decade, Prime Solutions looked to expand its services footprint nationwide to better serve enterprise clients:

  • 2010 – Prime Solutions opened its first office outside Virginia in Houston, TX to be closer to the energy companies concentrated there. This marked the start of its nationwide expansion.
  • 2012 – Building on its early managed services success, Prime Solutions acquired RapidApp, a Midwest ERP application management firm. This expanded its capabilities and clientele in this key area.
  • 2014 – To deepen its industry expertise, Prime Solutions formed a dedicated healthcare consulting practice recruiting talent from Epic, Cerner and other healthcare leaders. This practice gained quick traction.
  • 2016 – Marking its West Coast debut, Prime Solutions opened a Los Angeles office to support its media and insurance clients located there. This expanded its delivery footprint coast-to-coast.
  • 2019 – To enhance its global delivery capabilities, Prime Solutions opened its first nearshore delivery center in Costa Rica, establishing the firm as a truly national consultancy with global reach.

Backed by this expanding footprint and service portfolio, Prime Solutions crossed $100 million in annual revenues in the late 2010s, establishing itself as a leading pure-play IT consultancy nationally.

Current Positioning and Offerings

Today, 25 years since its founding, Prime Solutions is well-recognized as a specialized consulting firm that enables organizations to extract maximum value from their technology investments.

The company continues to focus exclusively on enterprise IT consulting, powered by its team of 500+ highly experienced consultants spread across North America.

Prime Solutions is segmented into dedicated practices that support the core technology needs of modern enterprises:

  • ERP and Finance Transformation
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation and Custom Application Development
  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services
  • Enterprise Mobility, Internet of Things and Automation

The company partners with leading enterprise tech vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and Amazon Web Services.

However, true to its roots, Prime Solutions’ key value proposition remains its specialized talent and services. The firm aims to grow not just through scale but by nurturing deep expertise across emerging enterprise technologies.

As Prime Solutions embarks on its next 25-year journey, this singular focus on building knowledge, capabilities and client trust remains unchanged since Mike Segal first founded the firm back in 1997.

Who are the Leaders at Prime Solutions?

Behind every great company are great leaders who shape the organization’s culture, vision and path to success. Prime Solutions is no exception. Powered by an executive leadership team with deep industry experience and complementary skillsets, the company has charted an impressive growth trajectory over the past 25+ years.

Let’s get to know the key leaders at Prime Solutions driving the company’s strategy and execution.

Mike Segal – Founder and CEO

As Prime Solution’s founder and CEO, Mike Segal has been the driving force behind the company’s journey from scrappy startup to nationally recognized consultancy.

With over 35 years of experience spanning engineering, sales, consulting and entrepreneurship, Mike brings a rare blend of technical prowess and business acumen.

After cuting his teeth at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the 1990s, Mike launched Prime Solutions to fill a major gap in the enterprise consulting space. His vision was to build a firm delivering specialized, high-value services through senior-level consultants.

As CEO, Mike has nurtured this talent-centric culture while expanding Prime Solutions’ footprint and capabilities to remain a leader in an evolving market. Under his leadership, the company has organically grown to over 500 employees nationwide and crossed $100 million in revenue.

Renowned for his entrepreneurial spirit and market foresight, Mike continues to steer the ship as Prime Solutions enters its next growth phase focused on digital transformation consulting.

Nora Elliott – President

As President, Nora Elliott shoulders responsibility for Prime Solutions’ day-to-day operations, financial management and corporate development activities.

Nora joined Prime Solutions in 2003 as VP of Operations before being promoted to the President role in 2010. She has been instrumental in building the operational engine that has allowed the company to scale smoothly from a 100-person firm to 500+ employees today.

With 20+ years of experience across technology, media and nonprofit sectors, Nora brings broad business operations expertise coupled with a passion for developing talent and cultivating inclusion.

She has deepened Prime Solutions’ commitment to diversity, winning notable awards like Consulting Magazine’s “Best Firm for Women” two years consecutively. Nora also oversees the company’s award-winning CSR programs.

As President, Nora has expanded Prime Solutions’ operations capability in lockstep with its growth. She ensures this operations foundation remains a core tenet of the company’s consultative approach.

Brian Lewis – SVP, Healthcare Practice

Brian Lewis leads Prime Solutions’ rapidly growing Healthcare consulting practice which represents a key growth area for the firm.

With over 25 years of experience in clinical and technology leadership roles at major healthcare systems, Brian is widely respected as a visionary technology leader in the industry.

Since joining Prime Solutions in 2013 to form the healthcare practice, Brian has organically grown the practice to over 150 consultants serving marquee providers nationwide. He has positioned Prime Solutions as a niche strategic partner guiding health systems’ digital transformation.

Brian himself serves on the advisory boards of leading Health IT entities like Santa Rosa Consulting, SSI Group and Innovaccer. He is also an active speaker at industry events evangelizing technologies like AI/ML, FHIR and cloud in healthcare.

Jessica Wong – SVP, Client Services

As SVP of Client Services, Jessica Wong heads Prime Solutions’ Client Management function which oversees the firm’s strategic account relationships and sales activities.

Jessica has spent her entire 20 year career in technology consulting across firms like Slalom, Virtusa and Sierra Systems prior to joining Prime Solutions in 2016.

Leveraging this experience, she has fine-tuned Prime Solutions’ consultative sales approach focused on long-term value delivery versus quick transactional wins. This has strengthened trusted client partnerships that are the lifeblood of the company’s loyalty-first business model.

Jessica is passionate about providing every client an unmatched experience that exceeds expectations. Under her leadership, Prime Solutions has maintained astounding 98%+ client retention rates year-over-year.

Jessica was also recognized as a “National Sales Leader of the Year” finalist by the American Business Awards in 2022.

Other Key Leaders

Supporting the executive leadership team are several other seasoned technology leaders managing critical areas like Operations, Consulting Practices, Delivery, Recruiting, Marketing and more.

Some other key leaders include:

  • David Chang, SVP Consulting Services
  • Amanda Park, SVP Marketing
  • Philip Thomas, VP Cloud and Infrastructure Services
  • Alice Chen, VP Human Resources
  • Kevin Wright, VP Legal and Compliance

Together, Prime Solutions’ leadership team offers a potent blend of entrepreneurship, functional expertise, industry knowledge and mission-driven leadership. This diverse team has meticulously scaled the company’s client-focused operating model to deliver transformative solutions nationwide while maintaining its core culture and values.

Under their stewardship, Prime Solutions is strongly positioned to continue on its established path of purpose-led, sustainable growth for years to come.

What Services Does Prime Solutions Offer?

With over two decades of experience implementing complex technology projects, Prime Solutions has built an extensive portfolio of consulting services that enables organizations to realize maximum ROI from their enterprise IT investments.

Let’s explore the key service areas where Prime Solutions guides clients through their digital transformations:

Cloud ERP Support

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft Dynamics are mission-critical for managing processes across finance, HR, manufacturing, operations and more.

However, maximizing the value of these powerful but complex platforms requires specialized expertise.

Prime Solutions offers end-to-end consulting around major ERP systems:

ERP Implementation

Prime Solutions provides full lifecycle services to deploy ERP per customer needs including:

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Fit-Gap Analysis
  • Custom Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Testing and Training

The firm follows proven methodologies refined over 500+ successful ERP engagements.

ERP Upgrade

Periodic upgrades are essential to take advantage of new ERP functionality. Prime Solutions’ consultants guide customers through technical upgrades as well as aligning process and data changes to leverage new capabilities.

ERP Optimization

Ongoing enhancements and integrations are required beyond initial implementation. Prime Solutions offers assessment services to identify ERP optimization opportunities and execution support to extract incremental value.

ERP Managed Services

Prime Solutions can fully manage a client’s ERP landscape including monitoring, enhancements, support services and DBA/infrastructure management. This allows clients to focus on innovation while Prime Solutions keeps essential ERP systems humming.

With certifications across ERP platforms and decades of hands-on implementation experience, Prime Solutions is uniquely positioned as a trusted ERP transformation partner for enterprises.

Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) enables firms to translate corporate strategy into operational execution through integrated financial planning, modeling, forecasting, and reporting tools.

Prime Solutions offers specialized consulting services around leading EPM platforms like Oracle HFM and Anaplan:

EPM System Implementation

Following proven deployment methodologies, Prime Solutions helps clients implement the optimal EPM system for their needs from process design to system integration.

Management Reporting Build

Prime Solutions can design and build customized management reports operationalized through EPM tools to provide actionable insights to business leaders.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Prime Solutions assists with implementing financial planning capabilities leveraging EPM platforms. This includes driver-based modeling, rolling forecasts, variance analysis and more.

Data Warehouse Integration

To enable advanced analytics, Prime Solutions integrates EPM systems with data warehouses like Oracle DW and Snowflake.

EPM Managed Services

Prime Solutions offers ongoing management of a client’s financial planning platform from daily operations to new enhancements.

With deep financial management expertise and hands-on tech know-how, Prime Solutions unlocks the power of EPM for accurate insights.

BI and Data Management

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics are key strategic capabilities for modern data-driven enterprises.

Prime Solutions specializes in two key aspects:

BI Implementation

Following a crawl-walk-run methodology, Prime Solutions delivers ROI-driven BI solutions tailored to a client’s use case including:

  • Data Warehouse Builds
  • Integrating Disparate Data Sources
  • BI Analytics Dashboards and Visualizations
  • Operationalizing Models and Algorithms

Data Management

Prime Solutions helps organizations establish enterprise data management foundations essential for BI and AI initiatives:

  • Data Governance Modeling
  • Data Quality Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Data Integration and Warehousing
  • Metadata Management

With expertise across leading BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI and Azure ML, Prime Solutions unlocks transformative analytics capabilities for enterprises.

Project & Quality Management

Successfully executing large technology-driven business transformations requires rigorous project management and quality control.

Prime Solutions offers specialized consulting across the project lifecycle:

Methodology and Training

Prime Solutions help clients define optimal project management frameworks from methodologies like Agile and Waterfall to role-based training programs.

Tools and Automation

Prime Solutions assists with implementing PM tools like Clarity PPM and QMetry to drive consistency and automation.

Project Recovery

When projects go off track, Prime Solutions steps in to course correct via assessments, re-planning and enhanced governance.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Prime Solutions establishes comprehensive QA strategies and execution including test planning, automation, performance testing and user acceptance.

Business Analysis

Prime Solutions’ business analysts elicit complex requirements and manage change control to set projects up for success.

With PMI-certified consultants and institutional PM knowledge, Prime Solutions ensures flawless delivery.

Application Development

Developing modern cloud-native applications require specialized skills and domain expertise.

Prime Solutions offers full lifecycle services:

Cloud Architecture

Prime Solutions designs scalable cloud-based application architectures optimized for performance and security leveraging Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Product Development

For clients seeking custom applications, Prime Solutions provides full product development services from UX design through delivery using Agile methods.

DevOps Enablement

To accelerate release velocity, Prime Solutions helps establish DevOps practices encompassing CI/CD pipelines, test automation, infrastructure as code, and monitoring.

Application Modernization

Prime Solutions helps re-platform legacy applications by refactoring monolithic codebases into cloud-native microservices-based architectures.

Quality Engineering

Prime Solutions assists clients in integrating automated testing, security scanning, and performance monitoring throughout the development lifecycle.

With certified expertise across popular languages and frameworks like .NET, Java, Node.js, React and Angular, Prime Solutions builds cutting-edge applications optimized for scale and velocity.

Managed Services

Ongoing management of IT environments allows clients to focus resources on innovation rather than maintenance. Prime Solutions offers two main managed services:

Application Managed Services (AMS)

Prime Solutions manages enterprise applications like ERP, CRM, customized LoB systems and more via:

  • Ongoing Support: Prime Solutions’ support team handles incidents and service requests.
  • Enhancements: Prime Solutions continuously improves systems through enhancements.
  • Monitoring: Leveraging automation and AI Ops, Prime Solutions proactively monitors application health.
  • Reporting: Clients receive regular reports on performance, uptime and enhancements.

Infrastructure Managed Services

Prime Solutions can fully manage end-to-end infrastructure operations including:

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Network and Endpoint Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning and Provisioning
  • Security and Compliance Management
  • Business Continuity and DR
  • Cost Optimization

With over 15 years of managed services expertise, Prime Solutions offers flexible, tailored solutions allowing clients to reduce overhead and focus on core priorities.

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

Mobility has become a key driver of digital transformation and employee productivity. Prime Solutions offers consulting services to optimize enterprise mobility:

Mobile Strategy

Prime Solutions helps clients develop holistic mobile strategies aligned to business goals including use cases, rollout approach, policy frameworks, and tech architecture.

EMM Platform Deployment

Prime Solutions assists with implementing mobility management platforms like VMWare WorkspaceOne and Microsoft Intune for device security, management and productivity.

Application Development

Prime Solutions builds enterprise mobile apps on iOS and Android leveraging modern frameworks like React Native. Apps are optimized for security, user experience and offline usage.

Operational Support

Post deployment, Prime Solutions offers ongoing support services to manage the mobile environment encompassing help desk, device provisioning/de-provisioning, policy updates and annual platform upgrades.

With expertise across leading EMM solutions, Prime Solutions unlocks the power of mobility within complex enterprise environments.

What Industries Does Prime Solutions Serve?

With over two decades of experience, Prime Solutions has built deep expertise across all major industries undergoing large-scale digital modernization.

Let’s explore some of the key verticals Prime Solutions serves and the value they provide:


Public and private infrastructure providers like construction, transportation, and utilities are leveraging technology to build smarter cities and deliver enhanced services.

For infrastructure firms, Prime Solutions focuses on:

Asset Management

Prime Solutions helps agencies implement IoT-based asset management systems to track infrastructure health leveraging sensors, telematics, drones and computer vision.

Mobility & Automation

Prime Solutions assists with deploying technology like self-healing grids, autonomous inspection drones and connected vehicles to transform operations.

Customer Experience

Prime Solutions helps modernize customer experience through digital channels, field mobility and data-driven customer insights.

Safety & Compliance

Prime Solutions enables automation of regulatory reporting via SaaS solutions and integrations with legacy permitting/planning systems.

Legacy Modernization

Prime Solutions helps infrastructure firms re-platform legacy systems through cloud migration and rationalization to improve agility and TCO.

With public sector clients like LADWP, Sound Transit and Duke Energy, Prime Solutions is a trusted digital transformation partner for infrastructure leaders.


For healthcare providers, Prime Solutions delivers deep clinical and technology expertise driving improved experiences, care and efficiency. Key focus areas include:

Patient Experience

Prime Solutions helps digitize front-end patient interactions via portals, telehealth, contact centers and automated outreach.

Clinical Quality

Prime Solutions assists clients in implementing analytics for evidence-based care insights and precision medicine using technologies like machine learning and FHIR.

Clinical Mobility

Prime Solutions enables care coordination and nursing workflow efficiency via mobile apps, nurse call automation, RTLS tracking and unified communications.

Revenue Cycle Management

Prime Solutions deploys AI-driven automation and cloud analytics to optimize revenue cycle functions like claims processing, CDM, charge capture and denial management.

Legacy Modernization

Prime Solutions helps simplify aging heterogeneous IT systems through initiatives like cloud EMR consolidation and enterprise integration.

With marquee clients like University of Miami Health, Innovaccer and Apollo Hospitals, Prime Solutions is a transformative digital partner for healthcare organizations.


For insurers, Prime Solutions focuses on technology initiatives targeted at efficiency, agility and seamless customer experience:

Core Modernization

Prime Solutions executes mission-critical programs to help insurers re-platform legacy policy and claims systems through cloud migration and microservices rearchitecture.

Data & Analytics

Prime Solutions helps insurers establish enterprise analytics capabilities for functions like underwriting, fraud detection and risk insights leveraging BI, AI/ML and IoT data.

Digital Customer Experience

Prime Solutions assists with digital transformation initiatives targeted at automation and omni-channel customer engagement via portals, chatbots, and personalized apps.

Agent Enablement

Prime Solutions equips agents with mobile tools, portals and productivity apps integrated with core systems to boost field efficiency and service.

Agile Organization

Prime Solutions delivers operating model transformation encompassing DevOps, cloud architecture and organizational change management (OCM) to infuse agility.

With leading insurance brands like Anthem, MetLife and Travelers as clients, Prime Solutions has an unmatched track record modernizing large insurers.


For energy companies, Prime Solutions focuses on driving operational excellence and customer experience via:

Smart Energy Management

Prime Solutions helps implement smart grid management systems comprising OT/IT integration, IoT sensors, and advanced analytics for efficiency and reliability.

Remote Operations

Prime Solutions enables remote monitoring and expert collaboration leveraging digital twins, drones, robots, AI and augmented reality.

Digital Customer Experience

Prime Solutions assists energy retailers in transforming customer experience through engagement platforms, e-commerce, and data personalization.

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Prime Solutions equips field technicians with intuitive applications, smart wearables, and virtual assistants integrated with core systems.

Sustainability & Reporting

Prime Solutions helps energy firms meet ESG goals via GHG monitoring systems, renewable integration, and automated sustainability reporting.

With marquee energy clients like Sempra, Engie, Vistra and over 50 utility firms, Prime Solutions drives innovation for energy leaders.


Prime Solutions enables banks and financial institutions to deliver secure, omnichannel banking powered by data and mobility:

Core Banking Modernization

Prime Solutions helps firms adopt cloud-native, API-driven core banking platforms that enable agility and innovation.

Data-Driven Experiences

Leveraging data and analytics, Prime Solutions helps create personalized, proactive customer experiences across channels.

Digital Product Innovation

Prime Solutions assists with building cutting-edge digital products like mobile apps, wearables and conversational interfaces integrated to core systems.

Business Intelligence

Prime Solutions implements data warehouses, visualization dashboards and advanced analytics to inform strategic decisions.

Compliance & Cybersecurity

Prime Solutions helps establish robust frameworks for data privacy, threat monitoring and regulatory compliance leveraging technologies like SIEM and encryption.

With marquee financial services clients like JP Morgan Chase, US Bank and Credit Human, Prime Solutions drives digital innovation in the industry.

Public Sector

For government, public sector and nonprofit clients, Prime Solutions brings deep mission focus along with technology acumen:

Constituent Experience

Prime Solutions assists agencies in adopting digital citizen/constituent channels like web portals, multi-lingual chatbots and experience centers.

Community Wellness & Safety

Leveraging technologies like GIS, mobility, IoT and cloud analytics, Prime Solutions helps build integrated systems for things like public health, food safety and emergency response.

Grants Management

Prime Solutions helps implement integrated grants management solutions comprising funds disbursement, progress tracking, and beneficiary management.

Case Management Transformation

Prime Solutions streamlines fragmented case management systems leveraging cloud collaboration tools, mobile access, workflow automation and data integration.

Legacy Modernization

Prime Solutions executes legacy modernization initiatives like mainframe migration, data center consolidation and network upgrades to improve agility and lower TCO.

With clients like LA County, Colorado Department of Local Affairs and AmeriCorps, Prime Solutions brings innovation to public sector organizations.

What Technology Solutions Does Prime Solutions Offer?

While services sit at the core of Prime Solutions’ value proposition, the company also offers leading technology platforms and solutions tailored to enterprise needs across focus areas:

Infor ERP

Infor provides industry-specific ERP systems serving clients across manufacturing, healthcare, public sector and other sectors.

As a Platinum Infor partner, Prime Solutions offers Infor’s full suite of ERP modules:

Infor CloudSuite: Infor’s SaaS ERP platform covering core functions like Financials, HCM, Supply Chain and Asset Management. Prime Solutions provides end-to-end implementation encompassing business process redesign through training and support.

Infor Nexus: Infor’s supply chain management platform offering capabilities like inventory optimization, logistics management, order orchestration and warehouse automation. Prime Solutions helps customers deploy Nexus to maximize efficiency.

Infor Coleman AI: Infor’s cross-enterprise AI platform helps uncover data insights, predict scenarios and recommend actions across ERP systems. Prime Solutions assists with leveraging Coleman AI’s augmented intelligence capabilities.

Infor OS: Infor’s platform for deploying industry-specific workflows like warehousing, transportation management and quality control. Prime Solutions has extensive experience deploying Infor OS solutions.

With decades implementing Infor solutions across industries, Prime Solutions unlocks maximum value leveraging Infor’s specialized capabilities.


Birst is a SaaS-based enterprise BI and analytics solution providing capabilities like data warehousing, reporting and dashboards.

As a certified Birst partner, Prime Solutions offers:

Birst Smart Analytics: Prime Solutions helps clients adopt Birst’s AI-driven cloud analytics platform which automatically models data into a multi-tenant architecture accessible via drag-and-drop reports and dashboards.

Implementation Services: Following proven deployment blueprints, Prime Solutions guides customers through implementing Birst aligned to their specific analytics strategy and use cases.

Packaged Analytics Solutions: Prime Solutions delivers industry-specific analytics apps on the Birst platform tailored to the business needs of clients in Healthcare, CPG, Manufacturing and other sectors.

Embedded BI Solutions: Prime Solutions helps customers embed interactive analytics into business applications via Birst’s APIs and SDKs.

With pre-built connectors to 100+ enterprise applications, Birst coupled with Prime Solutions’ deployment expertise provides accelerated and risk-free enterprise analytics modernization.


3RDi ( provides an AI-powered document processing platform transforming unstructured content into actionable data.

As a certified 3RDi partner, Prime Solutions offers:

Accelerated Migration: 3RDi lets organizations quickly migrate high volume document processing from legacy systems to the cloud through robotic process automation. Prime Solutions executes the migrations using 3RDi’s libraries of business rules and intelligent document classification capabilities.

Advanced Analytics: 3RDi extracts valuable insights from documents leveraging capabilities like optical character recognition, natural language processing and machine learning models. Prime Solutions helps operationalize these document-driven insights.

Process Optimization: 3RDi monitors document processing from ingestion to archival providing transparency into bottlenecks. Prime Solutions helps redesign inefficient document workflows based on 3RDi analytics.

Embedded Capabilities: Prime Solutions can embed 3RDi’s document intelligence features into other applications via API integration. This brings capabilities like auto-classification, data extraction and image processing natively into target systems.

By leveraging 3RDi’s document AI capabilities accelerated by Prime Solutions, clients can rapidly transform legacy document-intensive processes.

Microsoft Technologies

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Prime Solutions offers consulting services across Microsoft’s broad technology stack:

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Prime Solutions provides full lifecycle implementation services for Dynamics 365 ERP modules like Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Field Service and Marketing.

Microsoft Power Platform: Prime Solutions assists with adopting Microsoft’s Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate solutions to drive analytics, productivity and RPA across the enterprise.

Microsoft Azure: Prime Solutions offers services around Azure infrastructure including migration advisory, architecture design, DevOps enablement, data & analytics, and application development leveraging Azure PaaS capabilities.

Microsoft 365: Prime Solutions helps establish enterprise collaboration and mobility with Microsoft tools like SharePoint, Teams, Intune and the broader M365 productivity suite.

Microsoft Data & AI: Prime Solutions provides services focused on leveraging Microsoft’s AI capabilities like Azure ML, pre-built cognitive services and Azure AI reference architectures.

With 15+ years delivering Microsoft projects, Prime Solutions is a trusted partner providing full coverage of Microsoft’s ever-expanding cloud portfolio.

TriZetto Products

TriZetto provides industry-leading SaaS solutions for payers and providers serving the US healthcare market.

As an implementation partner, Prime Solutions offers services across TriZetto’s payer and provider solutions:

TriZetto Facets: Prime Solutions implements Facets, TriZetto’s core claims processing and care management system for payers. Facets handles functions like member enrollment, provider contracting and care coordination.

TriZetto QNXT: Prime Solutions helps providers adopt QNXT, TriZetto’s enterprise platform managing revenue cycle functions like patient access, billing, clinical data and financials.

TriZetto Data Integration: Prime Solutions assists with implementation of TriZetto’s healthcare data integration engine supporting interfaces like HL7 FHIR for interoperability across payers and providers.

TriZetto Analytics: Prime Solutions implements TriZetto’s analytics solutions targeted at strategic, clinical and financial insights for payers and providers.

With deep payer and provider expertise, Prime Solutions helps clients extract maximum value from TriZetto’s specialized healthcare solutions.

Training & Certification

Beyond consulting services, Prime Solutions also offers professional training and certification bootcamps focused on high-demand technology skills through its Prime Learning division.

Prime Learning provides immersive training programs across technologies like cloud, cybersecurity, programming, data science and professional skills led by certified practitioners.

Courses follow proven blended learning techniques focused on hands-on labs and projects to accelerate job-readiness. Prime Learning is approved under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and partners with the VA and other organizations to provide skills training targeted at closing the talent gap.

What Makes Prime Solutions Unique?

In the highly competitive world of IT consultancies, what sets Prime Solutions apart? How has the company consistently delivered successful digital transformation programs for over 25 years?

Prime Solutions’ differentiation stems from some key tenets ingrained in its operating model:

Specialized Skills and Services

Unlike large generalist firms that try to be everything to everyone, Prime Solutions focuses on targeted consulting services where it has built deep expertise:

  • Technical Focus – Prime Solutions concentrates on complex enterprise technology implementations versus high-level strategy projects.
  • Industry Focus – Prime Solutions invests in building institutional knowledge within strategic verticals like Healthcare, Finance and Energy.
  • Service Focus – Prime Solutions zeroes in on high-value services like ERP, Data and Cloud where it can provide end-to-end lifecycle support.

This focus allows Prime Solutions to compete with specialized skills versus pure scale.

Senior-Level Consultants

Digital transformations demand expertise grounded in years of hands-on technology program leadership.

Recognizing this, Prime Solutions is obsessive about hiring only senior resources with 10-15+ years of enterprise implementation experience into consulting roles. Leadership evaluates every consulting resume personally.

This high talent bar allows Prime Solutions to deliver complex initiatives requiring niche skills and seasoned judgment. Clients partner with executive advisors versus junior implementors.

Methodology-Driven Delivery

Prime Solutions follows rigorous project lifecycle methodologies refined over years and hundreds of implementations. This includes milestone-driven ERP and SDLC approaches incorporating industry best practices and lessons learned.

Methodology focus results in consistent, low-risk program delivery despite operating in uncertain environments. Predictability increases trust with customers undertaking major change initiatives.

Long-Term Partnerships

Unlike project-driven firms, Prime Solutions focuses on multi-year client relationships spanning technology roadmaps from strategy through execution and enhancement.

This partnership model fosters trust and knowledge continuity given long transformation horizons. Prime Solutions becomes an extension of the client’s ecosystem versus a consultant with a short-term mandate.

Talent Development and Care

Prime Solutions invests heavily in culture and talent experience – a rarity in the consulting world known for high burnout. Salaries benchmark to the top quartile with generous benefits and flexibility.

The firm boasts amazing talent retention for the industry. Consultants are empowered to expand skills and build careers leveraging Prime Solutions’ knowledge ecosystem.

Happy consultants lead to happy clients in the service world. Prime Solutions walks the talk as a talent-centric organization.

Innovation Network

Prime Solutions maintains strong partnerships with leading technology innovators in spaces like AI, robotics, blockchain and more.

This provides clients early access to disruptive solutions before reaching mass adoption along with hands-on implementation expertise.

Geographic Delivery Flexibility

Prime Solutions combines onshore consultants with an offshore Global Delivery Center providing 24/7 support.

Clients benefit from proximity to strategic advisors along with variable cost benefits and follow-the-sun capacity.

Customer Success Culture

Client delivery at Prime Solutions is aligned to internal success measures versus utilization and billing goals. The entire firm rallies around customer outcomes and long-term relationships.

Leadership reinforces that clients should only be recommended solutions that deliver clear strategic value, not additional revenue. This culture drives exceptional net promoter scores.

Diversity and Inclusion

Prime Solutions boasts industry-leading diversity metrics reflecting its belief in the competitiveness of varied perspectives. 50% of leadership roles are held by women.

The firm is consistently recognized among the “Best Firms for Women” by Consulting Magazine. Prime Solutions empowers women and minorities to grow and lead.

Combined, these differentiators make Prime Solutions a valued transformation partner for enterprises navigating the digital landscape. The firm’s client-centric operating model balances specialized expertise with flexibility to deliver successful programs.

Prime Solutions Office Locations

Headquartered in the Washington DC metro area, Prime Solutions has strategically expanded its consulting delivery footprint across major metro markets in the US along with nearshore capabilities.

Let’s explore Prime Solutions’ office locations and the geos they serve:

Reston, VA (Headquarters)

As the longest-standing Prime Solutions office, the Reston HQ houses the company’s executive leadership team along with approximately 150 consultants serving the broader DC metro region.

With its proximity to federal agencies and contractors, the Reston office has particular expertise supporting public sector clients in government and education. The office is also a hub for Prime Solutions’ rapidly growing Healthcare practice serving providers nationwide.

Beyond core consulting, Reston also hosts Prime Solutions’ marketing, recruiting and other enterprise functions critical to scaling national operations.

Boston, MA

Opened in 2003, the Boston office provides broad coverage across the New England region with around 50 consultants experienced serving clients in finance, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing verticals concentrated in the geo.

The Boston team includes subject matter experts across core focus areas like Cloud Migration, ERP Implementation and Data Analytics that serve national engagements in addition to regional clients.

New York City, NY

As Prime Solutions’ largest practice after Reston, the NYC office houses over 100 consultants covering the expansive New York metro area.

The office has deep expertise in the major industries based out of NYC including Financial Services, Media & Publishing, Retail and Healthcare.

The NYC team includes capabilities across emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain and Digital Experience leveraged for national engagements in addition to NYC-based clients.

Chicago, IL

Opened in 2007, the Chicago office provides Prime Solutions coverage across major Midwest markets via its team of around 70 consultants experienced working with manufacturing, consumer goods and insurance clients based out of the region.

The Chicago team includes niche capabilities in IoT and Digital Supply Chain integration leveraged for engagements across industries undergoing manufacturing and logistics transformation.

Houston, TX

Launched in 2010, the Houston office with over 60 consultants provides Prime Solutions coverage across the South Central region encompassing Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

The Houston practice is the hub for Prime Solutions’ Energy & Utilities industry consulting, serving upstream O&G clients along with electric utilities and retail energy providers concentrated in the region.

Los Angeles, CA

Established in 2016, the LA office was Prime Solutions’ first West Coast location providing coverage across the Greater LA area along with broader California through its team of around 80 consultants.

The LA practice brings deep expertise serving Media & Entertainment, Aerospace and Healthcare clients based out of Southern California. The team includes specific strengths in Digital Experience Consulting and Cloud Application Development.

Costa Rica (Global Delivery Center)

Inaugurated in 2019, Prime Solutions’ Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Costa Rica provides expanded delivery capacity and timezone alignment for clients nationwide.

The GDC allows Prime Solutions to flexibly scale consultant teams while providing cost efficiency. The center houses junior resources working under the supervision of US-based engagement leads.

The GDC team handles activities like application testing, maintenance and help desk support. The center currently employs around 150 consultants with plans for further expansion.

Virtual Consultants

Supplementing its physical office locations, Prime Solutions maintains a stable of over 50 senior-level Virtual Consultants across the US who seamlessly deliver remote consulting services nationwide.

These resources work out of local home offices and travel to client sites as needed. Virtual teams help flex capacity and provide niche skills on-demand for client engagements.

With its network of brick-and-mortar offices combined with virtual and nearshore capacity, Prime Solutions provides true nationwide delivery capabilities tailored to client requirements.

Prime Solutions Partners and Strategic Alliances

When undertaking complex digital transformations, enterprises benefit from consultancies experienced navigating the intricacies of leading technology vendor ecosystems.

Prime Solutions maintains strong partnerships and alliances with marquee enterprise technology providers:


As a longtime Microsoft Gold Partner, Prime Solutions offers full lifecycle implementation services across Microsoft’s cloud-based enterprise application and infrastructure stack including:

  • Dynamics 365 for ERP, CRM and Power Platform
  • Azure for infrastructure, data and analytics
  • Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration

This provides clients a single partner for Microsoft-centric transformation spanning strategy through execution.


Prime Solutions maintains a strong SAP partnership with certified expertise across SAP enterprise apps like S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Fieldglass and more.

Prime Solutions takes clients through full transformation cycles from roadmap through implementation, integration and enhancement leveraging its SAP competencies.


As an Infor Platinum Partner, Prime Solutions provides specialized capabilities implementing Infor’s industry-specific cloud ERP solutions for clients in Manufacturing, Healthcare and Public Sector.

This partnership allows Prime Solutions to tap into Infor’s purpose-built capabilities tailored to strategic sectors.


As a Workday Select Services Partner, Prime Solutions provides skilled resources and proven methodologies to guide enterprises through full lifecycle Workday HCM and Financials deployments.

This partnership enables Prime Solutions to keep clients on the cutting edge of cloud-native HR and finance transformation.


Prime Solutions partnership with Snowflake, the leading cloud data platform, allows clients to rapidly migrate analytics to Snowflake’s high-performance architecture leveraging Prime Solutions’ deployment expertise.

The companies jointly deliver accelerated, risk-mitigated Snowflake implementations tuned to client analytics strategies.

Amazon Web Services

As an Advanced Consulting Partner, Prime Solutions guides clients through end-to-end AWS cloud migrations spanning advisory, architecture, deployment, optimization and managed services.

The partnership provides clients streamlined access to AWS’ continuously expanding portfolio of infrastructure and analytics services.

Google Cloud

Through its Google Cloud partnership, Prime Solutions helps enterprises adopt Google Cloud Platform’s innovative capabilities around AI, open source databases, Kubernetes-based development and more.

This alliance allows Prime Solutions to bring cutting-edge Google Cloud technologies to digital modernization initiatives.

Blue Yonder

Through this strategic partnership, Prime Solutions provides specialized capabilities implementing Blue Yonder’s AI-powered Supply Chain Planning and Retail Planning solutions.

Automation Anywhere

Leveraging this alliance, Prime Solutions incorporates Automation Anywhere’s leading RPA platform as it digitizes business processes and optimizes operations for clients.


This partnership allows Prime Solutions to develop innovative client applications leveraging Unqork’s unique no-code enterprise application development platform.

Together with its vendor alliances, Prime Solutions retains the flexibility to incorporate the optimal technologies into client transformation programs versus being constrained to proprietary solutions. These partnerships ensure Prime Solutions can collaborate with market-leading platforms as innovation accelerates.

Career Opportunities at Prime Solutions

Powered by its passionate team, Prime Solutions is always looking for top-tier talent across consulting and corporate roles to continue driving innovation and client success.

Let’s explore some of the exciting career opportunities at this fast-growing firm:

Consulting Careers

The core of Prime Solutions is its world-class team of IT consultants guiding client transformations. Typical openings include:

Consultants: This role forms the backbone of consulting delivery at Prime Solutions. Consultants work on-site at client engagements providing hands-on expertise across digital initiatives. This is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience executing complex enterprise programs.

Managers: With at least 8-10 years experience, Prime Solutions Managers take on leadership of consulting engagements across industries and technologies. This client-facing role is ideal for project managers seeking cross-functional leadership opportunities.

Directors: With 15+ years of implementation expertise, Prime Solutions Directors provide strategic guidance overseeing multiple consulting engagements. Directors play a mission-critical role bridging client executive teams and delivery.

Architects: This role looks for technologists passionate about translating innovative capabilities like AI, IoT and Blockchain into pragmatic solutions for clients. Architects work on the cutting edge of enterprise digital modernization.

Sales Executives: These seasoned professionals identify digital transformation opportunities and communicate Prime Solutions’ valueproposition. Sales executives build trusted client relationships and position Prime Solutions’ specialized capabilities.

Prime Solutions provides a meritocratic environment where top performers have opportunities for rapid career advancement at the firm. Consultants are encouraged to expand skills across technologies and industries over multi-year tenures.

Corporate Careers

Beyond consulting, Prime Solutions offers a range of corporate roles supporting fast-paced business growth:

Marketing: Professionals creative at leveraging digital channels and data to build brand, generate pipeline and communicate Prime Solutions’ thought leadership.

Finance: Specialists in financial planning, analysis and accounting to steer strategic decisions and ensure fiscal diligence as Prime Solutions scales.

HR & Recruiting: Experts in attracting, retaining and developing top-tier talent critical to the firm’s consultative model. Prime Solutions is a perennial top workplace.

Operations: Professionals skilled at optimizing business operations, tools and processes required for excellence at Prime Solutions’ size and growth trajectory.

Legal & Compliance: Specialists ensuring Prime Solutions meets rigorous data privacy, security and regulatory mandates as a partner to marquee global brands.

Corporate teams are lean, collaborative and innovative in keeping pace with Prime Solutions’ dynamic business environment. Employees have opportunities to expand scope and ownership as the company charts its next phase of growth.

Core Attributes

Regardless of role, successful employees at Prime Solutions exhibit key attributes aligned with its values:

  • Passion for technology and its business impact
  • Commitment to delivering client success
  • Ability to rapidly master new skills and concepts
  • Leadership mindset even at junior levels
  • Exceptional collaboration and communication skills
  • Diversity of perspective and experience

If you’re excited by the prospect of doing innovative work that matters, Prime Solutions is the ideal place to build a meaningful career in technology consulting.

Conclusion and Summary

In this comprehensive guide, we explored what Prime Solutions is, its history, services, clients, partnerships and more that collectively make it a leading digital transformation consultancy.

Let’s recap key takeaways:

  • Founded in 1997, Prime Solutions is a specialized technology consulting firm focused on guiding enterprises through digital modernization journeys.
  • Headquartered in Virginia with nationwide delivery capabilities, Prime Solutions has organically grown to over 500 employees serving clients across all major industries.
  • Prime Solutions maintains dedicated practices in Enterprise Cloud Applications, Data & Analytics, Digital Experience and Infrastructure.
  • The company provides full lifecycle consulting services around technologies like ERP, CRM, BI, Cloud, IoT, Automation and more.
  • Prime Solutions’ differentiation stems from senior-level consultants, specialized expertise, methodical delivery, long-term partnerships and talent focus.
  • The firm partners with leading technology vendors like Microsoft, SAP, AWS and Infor to incorporate cutting-edge innovation into client solutions.
  • Prime Solutions also offers its own IP solutions and platforms tailored to enterprise needs across focus areas.
  • With 25+ years of experience and an impeccable track record of successful programs, Prime Solutions is routinely entrusted by Global 1000 firms for their most strategic and complex initiatives.
  • The company’s passion for client success, collaborative culture and continuous talent development makes it a perennial top workplace and magnet for top technology talent.

In summary, Prime Solutions occupies a unique position in the consulting ecosystem combining deep enterprise technology expertise, program leadership experience, specialized skills and customer-centric values.

This rare mix enables Prime Solutions to deliver complex transformations that maximize ROI while mitigating disruption for clients.

The company’s unrelenting maniacal focus on client outcomes and long-term partnerships fosters trusted advisor relationships where clients view the firm as an extension of their own ecosystem.

As technology disruption accelerates, more enterprises are turning to partners like Prime Solutions with the focus and capabilities to guide them through the chaos. This expanding digital opportunity combined with its robust operating model positions Prime Solutions for continued differentiation and growth in the coming decades.

Key Takeaways

  • Prime Solutions is an IT consulting firm founded in 1997 focused on guiding enterprise digital transformation through services spanning cloud, data, applications and infrastructure.
  • With 500+ employees, Prime Solutions maintains national delivery capabilities across industries like healthcare, finance, energy, public sector and more.
  • The company offers specialized expertise in ERP implementation, data analytics, custom development, infrastructure modernization and managed services.
  • Prime Solutions differentiates through senior-level consultants, deep vertical knowledge, long-term partnerships, talent focus and delivery rigor.
  • The firm partners with leading technology innovators like Microsoft, AWS, and Infor while also developing its own solutions tailored to client needs.
  • With 25+ years of experience Prime Solutions is entrusted by Fortune 500 clients for their most complex, business-critical initiatives.
  • The company’s passion for client success and collaborative culture makes it a consistent top workplace and magnet for top technology talent.
  • As technology disruption accelerates, Prime Solutions is distinctly positioned to continue guiding enterprise clients through successful digital transformations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Prime Solutions founded?

A: Prime Solutions was founded in 1997 by Mike Segal. It started as a boutique consulting firm focused on enterprise application implementations.

Q: Where is Prime Solutions headquartered?

A: Prime Solutions is headquartered in Reston, Virginia and maintains delivery centers across major US metros.

Q: What industries does Prime Solutions serve?

A: Prime Solutions has expertise across industries undergoing digital modernization including Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Retail, and Media.

Q: What services does Prime Solutions provide?

A: Core services include Cloud Migration, ERP Implementation, Data & Analytics, Application Development, Infrastructure Modernization, and Managed Services.

Q: What technologies does Prime Solutions implement?

A: Prime Solutions partners with enterprise tech leaders like Microsoft, SAP, AWS, and Infor to deliver solutions tailored to client needs.

Q: How does Prime Solutions deliver projects?

A: Following proven methodologies, Prime Solutions leverages senior-level consultants to ensure successful, low-risk program delivery.

Q: What makes Prime Solutions unique?

A: Differentiators include specialized expertise, senior talent, long-term partnerships, customer success focus, and meritocratic culture.

Q: Does Prime Solutions develop its own solutions?

A: Yes, Prime Solutions builds its own IP solutions and platforms across focus areas to address specific client needs.

Q: Is Prime Solutions a recognized leader?

A: Yes, Prime Solutions is routinely recognized among the top technology consultancies nationally by industry analysts.

Q: What are career opportunities at Prime Solutions?

A: Prime Solutions offers opportunities across consulting roles and corporate functions to top technology talent passionate about innovation.